Good fun

Are you one of those people who likes guns and other things of action or are you afraid in that gun? Because a lot of people might be afraid of guns, for example, and if I were to mention someone who`s afraid of guns, it`s my grandparents and even my parents already. And I also did this kind of research, and I found that the older you get, like maybe in the `50s and `60s or even before, the more you`re afraid of guns, and I deduced from that that people are afraid of guns from this time mainly because of the fact that there was a war, there were still such civil unrest you know, there`s a lot of it.

Be carefull.

I`m sorry myself because I think it`s really great if even shooting is a sport. I know that there is, for example, archery and or sport shooting. I`d really enjoy this a lot, too, and I`d be interested, but unfortunately, I have really bad eyesight and I don`t have any aim. After that, I asked, for example, young people if they had already been to Prague and tried to visit shooting range in Prague. Many people have told me that it has even been there before, and more than once. So I thought that maybe shooting range in Prague, for example, might be the perfect choice for all people who want to experience some adrenaline and also some action really great experience that maybe they haven`t had before in their lives.

The guns are expensive.

Many people may have already been bungee jumping and or parachuting out of a plane, but they still want to add more adrenaline to their experiences, such as shooting. Many people don`t have this as an adrenaline rush, but maybe also as a really mundane sport. Someone, for example, comes to Prague regularly to the shooting grounds, so it`s not as much of an experience for them as it is for someone who might be shooting a gun for the very first time. And would you enjoy shooting a gun, or are you one of those people, as I mentioned earlier, that you`re afraid of a gun and you wouldn`t even pick up a gun?